Innovation, constant investment in trading, ability to work in a team are the principles that guide Meccatronica Automazioni every day since its establishment in 1976.
Born as an artisan reality, in over 40 years of history with its know-how, competence and professionalism it has conquered an extended clientele in the national and international context.
Meccatronica technicians are trained in interdisciplinary, gaining experience in order to manage the mechanical, electronic and information technology process of each product.

The main sectors in which the company operates are:

  • automation for industry with its own lines for composite materials processing, and custom automation for assembly, testing and packaging;

  • automation for architecture with its own product lines for the movement of special doors and windows and customized automations for valuable architectural works.

The rigid industrial process guarantees quality and allows Meccatronica to stand out for the ability to customize and for the attention to detail of each product.

Via Albrizzi alle Pozzette
31030 Dosson di Casier - TREVISO
Enter gates from Via Terraglio, 195
31022 Preganziol - TREVISO
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