Welding and assembly automation

We plan and produce SUPPORTS and TEMPLATES for details’ WELDING or ASSEMBLING. These tools:

  • remarkably reduce the user’s time per piece
  • increase your products’ quality
  • improve the user’s working and safety conditions
  • reduce the inaccuracies and the possibility to produce not similar pieces

We produce:

  • simple templates with mechanic – pneumatic – oleodynamic blockings
  • complex templates with hydraulic or electric rototranslations, user or CN (Numerical Control) directed, with possible automatic management of positions and parameters, depending on the model to be produced.

Our products are always planned according to the specific requirements of our customers, and the examples below witness it:

Welding automation for lift trucks part

This machine, completely automatic, is a support for the operator who has to position little pieces. Not only the machine can joint the several components, but also it can create an adjustable pre-loading.

Semiautomatic machine for lattices, small bars and similars’ welding




Welding templates for TRAILERS – SEMITRAILERS – VEHICLES' details

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