Assembly machines

We can study and create the best equipment for the automatic/semiautomatic production of your item. See also welding and assembly templates.
Just a few examples:

Automatic machine for screw and nut assembly.

The automation is composed by no. 3 stations:

  • 1° STATION: selection of the vine;
  • 2° STATION: is equipped with a vibrator adapted from which they exit the nuts oriented in a uniform manner and directed to the screwdriver.
  • 3° STATION: the screw with washer nut arrive to the automatic screwdriving. In this station is also the expulsion of pieces with different destination depending on whether it is a good piece or scrap.

Automatic machine for pressing and unscrewing electrical contacts

The machine automatically performs the pressing and simultaneously unscrews no. 2 screws, regarding the electrical contacts of a microswitch, and sizes them.

Semiautomatic machine for the fastening of bearings - screw - plug in rotors

The automation is composed by 2 independent stations:

STATION 1: It is equipped with a 4-stations
rotanting table, where a cylinder places the bearings in the rotor shaft.
STATION 2: a cylinder inserts the screws and spring pins in the rotor.


Watch the video!

Automatic machine for ski and trekking sticks’ production.

Automatic machine for broomsticks assembly

Work bench for elevator doors’ assembly

Plant for automatic riveting of surfaces for light alloy fittings


Panels’ automatic screwer

Station machine for assembly with pneumatic press

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