Pipe processing

Here we introduce some important examples of automations created to meet our customers’ specific requirements and planned to process pipes, profiles sections, metal bars.

Semiautomatic machine for pipe molding

Performs the formation of bulge on:
FE galvanized pipe with a thickness of 8 mm and 100 mm diameter
size of the bulge 10x50 mm
indentation depth 2.5 mm
The tube is introduced and extracted manually by the operator. Occurs automatically centering of the tube thanks to two opposing devices. The press then provides the necessary force to impress drawing suitable for the formation of the bulge.

Automatic machinesfor hot canal calendering systems


Automatic machines for the vertical polishing of the pipe


Automatic machines for the horizontal polishing/finishing of the pipe


Fully automatic machine for the production of punched bars for sliding grilles.

It can:

  • automatically select bars up to 6000 mm
  • pitch feed the same bars
  • program punch, through HYDRAULIC DIE
  • flare through tracking carriage
  • cut to measure through hydraulic die
  • smooth both cut ends
  • management system:
  • industrial PC with touch screen
  • communications through sensors, actuators, electric starts via field bus

Working centre for the production of guide bars from 6 metres bars.

It’s a real working centre supplied with 8 numerical control axles. The automated machine automatically takes bars up to 6 metres long, selecting them from a bundle. The bar will be punched through hydraulic die (shortening time, cleaning…); two automatic tracking units find the exact places where to pierce and then go on thread cutting and/or flaring them, while other units are still working. The machine also cuts the piece to measure , marks the code on it and then discharges it to different areas, according to the orders.


Thanks to this automation the straight bars will be bent                              until they take a circular shape. It has got an automatic                            charger with bar selection.The radius of curvature can be adjusted according to the specific requirements, and so are the feeding speed and the calender.


There are many kinds of tools to be used for final processes on pipes and bars’ ends, as:

  • arrissing tools
  • swaging tools
  • diameter reducers or enlargers
  • marking
  • other, on request….


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