Automation for lift and slide or only sliding doors to 700 kg

Thanks to Meccatronica's experience in robotics and the know-how in special automation for oversize frames was born Easydoor012 system.

This automation will be satisfied all the Client's requests. It was created to semplify the mounting on the frame, indeed, all the components are inside an aluminium beam.

There are three different type of motorizations:

  • EASYDOOR012 - standard version
Dimensions: 90 x 95 mm                       Speed: 0,5 m/s                              Force: 60 - 170 N*   

  • EASYDOOR012- H55 - reduced version
Dimensions: 83 x 55 mm                       Speed: 0,25 m/s                             Force: 60 - 170 N*

  • EASYDOOR012 – M  - more power version
Dimensions:  83 x 95 mm                     Speed: 0,3 m/s                                 Force: 60 - 380 N*  

Slimmy22_H is the motor that produce the lift movement. It is very strong in only 28 x 22 x410 mm. The motor is absolutely invisible inside the profile. Meccatronica provides to install and tests the motorization on any type of hardware used by the Client.

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