Types and Configurations

Automation for lift and slide or only sliding doors over 1000 kg.

The architecture nowadays requires big mobile walls to connect internal space of the house at the external one.

Meccatronica's team is composed by very qualified technicians with knowledge in: robotic, mechanic, pneumatic and hydraulic plants, in electrical and electronic department. This backgroud permits to be able to have the right solution for Clients needs.
Some of the applications below have remote control systems or heating systems to guarantee the perfect functionality of the motorizations.

  • Single motorized sash - type: one sash mobile on fix one

  • Double sashes motorized - type: telescopic

  • Triple sashes motorized - tipologia: telescopic

  • Single sash motorized - type: curved

  • Lift and sliding, 3000 kg each - type: coaxial


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