Carbon fiber and composite materials machines

Composite materials are required in those sectors in which low weight and high mechanical characteristics are needed.

Sectors: aeronautics, naval, automotive, aerospace are the main users of composite materials. In the sport sector, they are used for the construction of skis, bob, tennis rackets, bicycles, fishing rod, riser for archery and poles for the high jump. Thanks to this material, in medicine, implants are made and in planting sector, they are used for pipes or tanks.

                              E-FORM range: servo-electric presses

Meeting the market needs, Meccatronica has not only studied custom automations for its clients, but It has also realized a range of presses for the moulding of composite materials.

 Characterized by a brushless motor and programmable pressing cycles, the servo-electric presses of the range E-fom are: clean, precise, functional, programmable, repetitive and guarantee drastically the production wastes.

 Below the technical features of the range:


               E-Form 22 x 1                                                 E-FORM  x 4


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            Custom automation for the treatment of carbon fiber materials          

Automation for test and measurements for carbon fiber

Automation for composite materials cutting 


Automation for composite materials heating

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